Warning: Bad Writing Ahead

Boy! It has been about a year since I last posted on my blog. A lot has happened in that time. Trust me, it’s really too much to go into detail about, so we’ll just start fresh and I’ll catch you up on my latest endeavors. I will say, though, I have grown so much from my experiences since I was last active on this site.

I’m still coming to terms with posting my thoughts publicly, even though I am sure only my family reads this. (Shoutout to my grandparents!) So, why do it if it makes me slightly uncomfortable and cringe whilst writing this post? Well, as many greats have said before, practice makes perfect. Yeah, yeah, yeah so boring and repetitive. But, the more I work on getting my thoughts down and crafting sentences, the easier it will be and the better I will become at writing.

A career in journalism is never predictable, but one thing I know for certain (I’m willing to bet on this.) is that I will always be writing. In effort to better understand myself, the world, everything, and in an effort to become a better writer, I am going to post here as frequently as possible. I’m striving to write everyday; whether it is for a story I am working on, in my personal journal, or on this site (or even an email or a tweet) I gotta get more serious about practicing. The only agenda here is for me to just express and reflect.

I’ll be honest here; I won’t hold anything back.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to be a better writer. So, naturally, while writing this post, I Googled “getting better at writing.” I clicked on the first link that came up: 25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer. I’d never heard of the site 99u.com, but I think I may like it. I don’t know. Check back in with me.

As I was skimming the list of insight from people who have made a career out of writing, (I’d say they know a thing or two. Just kidding! They know 200,000X what I know. Gross exaggeration, but as you will soon find out I go off on tangents, sidebars, whatever you want to call it, sometimes. There’s a lot of noise in my head; another reason for me to practice more and get focused!) Back to what I was saying. As I was skimming the list of insight from people who have made a career out of writing, I found that #10 stuck with me. Author and Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Egan said,

“[Be] willing to write really badly. It won’t hurt you to do that. I think there is this fear of writing badly, something primal about it, like: “This bad stuff is coming out of me…” Forget it! Let it float away and the good stuff follows. For me, the bad beginning is just something to build on. It’s no big deal. You have to give yourself permission to do that because you can’t expect to write regularly and always write well. That’s when people get into the habit of waiting for the good moments, and that is where I think writer’s block comes from. Like: It’s not happening. Well, maybe good writing isn’t happening, but let some bad writing happen… When I was writing “The Keep,” my writing was so terrible. It was God-awful. My working title for that first draft was, A Short Bad Novel. I thought: “How can I disappoint?”

That is exactly what I plan to do here: write badly, and if some good stuff comes out of it, then all the better! But, I’m lowering my expectations for this one. I’m going to get everything out; I think it’s the only way to make sense of anything. Get everything out. I’m going to let some awful writing happen here on the internet, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya; it’s in the heading.

I’ve gotten into this habit Egan has mentioned; it is something I’ve always struggled with. I’m a perfectionist, so that’s where that comes from. This will be freeing for me. It already has been while writing this first post. As I continue to pursue this feeling, you’re more than welcome to read and follow me. I only hope you find something that frees you as much as writing frees me. So, here’s to many more posts!


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